Lotus Bliss Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center, located in central Howard County Maryland, is a place to rediscover your innate sense of well being. We mindfully combine the art and science of massage therapy to create a relaxing and therapeutic massage in a tranquil environment. While offering a variety of beneficial therapeutic massage services, Lotus Bliss is committed to using environmentally safe products. At Lotus Bliss Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center, each client is unique and your needs will be addressed on an individual basis. Whether you visit us for relief from muscle tension, injury, emotional stress, fatigue, or just to relax and enjoy our services, we take great pride in skillfully customizing your session to suit your individual needs.



Nicole Stokes, LMT, NCMTB

Nicole is a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage, which is accredited by COMTA (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation) and approved by NCTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) as well as Towson University. With a background in biology and research, Nicole chose massage therapy to fulfill her strong desire to help others. It’s an activity that places her firmly in the moment, completely immersed in erasing stress and easing discomfort in clients. Watching the body relax, muscles soften, and sometimes hearing the person snore –  the ultimate compliment – brings her joy. Her passion to comfort and heal, as well as her gentle nature, has driven her to excel in effectively treating clients suffering from pain and discomfort, either from injury or overuse. Nicole is adept at many different modalities including Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Massage.


Meghan O’Brien, RMT (Reiki Master Teacher)

Meghan Pic 2

Meghan is a warm-hearted, genuine healer with the purest intentions for helping others. Her passion and enthusiasm lie in preventing illness as well as treating existing conditions by uncovering the root cause of the problem. With an extensive background in biology and chemistry and a wealth of knowledge and skills learned from countless other healers, Meghan has developed a unique style of her own! She uses her natural gifts as an empath and medical intuitive to further assist each client along the path of their own personal healing journey. Meghan uses reiki, the ancient art of healing touch, to prevent and eliminate pain, suffering and illness while restoring a person back to their original state of being- peace, harmony, happiness and ultimate health. Meghan offers chakra balancing, traditional reiki, specialized reiki, aura cleansing, and aromatherapy.


Taylor Harney, LE


Taylor is a licensed esthetitian from the Baltimore School of Massage and Steiner School of Esthetics. She is a strong believer in natural esthetics and that you truly are what you eat and it shows through your skin.  Taylor also believes the unique beauty hidden inside of each individual and utilizes her talents and expertise along to help bring that beauty into the forefront. Let taylor help you unwind, relax and momentarily forget about the stresses of the day.




Noor Abdel Rahman, LE, LMT


Noor is a graduate of The Academy of Massage & Bodyworks which is accredited and approved by the NCTMB. With a Bachelors Degree is Health Administration and an anticipated Masters degree in Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine, Noor believes in prevention as the best cure. Providing a service of face rejuvenation and body stress relief is her ultimate goal. Noor’s finds fulfillment in providing a quality service that results in ultimate the satisfaction of her clients. ****** Male Clientele NOT Accepted*****



Jamaise Hall, RMP


My name is Jamaise Hall and I have been practicing Massage therapy for 3 years.  The instant relaxation and other health benefits I received from my own personal regular massage sessions drove me to further my education into the field. Natural health has always been around me. Growing up, in my household home remedies were the best. This has firmly engraved the thought that it is better to prevent than it is to treat. I wish to assistant all my clients in that way. With all of the positive results I have given and received relating to Massage therapy, I endeavored to become a Esthetician. Then I will be able to make my clients feel great on the inside and out!




Corey D. Kidwell, RMP

Corey Kidwell genuinely lives to help others. He initially began his massage studies along with anatomy and physiology in Florida where his love for bodywork and wellness blossomed. After receiving his licensure, he relocated to his hometown of Baltimore in order to guide and educate those who seek healthy living. Corey lives to learn and express that love through educating his clients on how massage both benefits the body and enhances ones life.


Tracey Soden, LE



West Harris, LMT

West is a licensed massage therapist who has been practicing and expanding his massage skills for over 15 years. His customized approach for each session integrates a variety of modalities including trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, reflexology and craniosacral therapy, with an intuitive energetic touch.  He loves to practice massage as a way to encourage peace, balance and joy to his client’s lives. He is a graduate of the Body Therapy Institute and holds a degree in biology from UNC-Chapel Hill. On his days off, you are likely to find him out side with his doggie or in the yoga studio (Ohm!)